1. How do bunion corrector work?

The Bunion Corrector is an innovative alternative to heal your bunion. The way it work is the following... Wrapping the brace around your big toe and having one of our strip inserted on the side pocket, it will gently straighten your big toe to its natural position, making you feel a lot more comfortable and confident, getting rid of that pain. Because we now have 3 types of splints, you can adjust the tightness depending on your toe situation, making the healing to happen as fast as possible but with no additional pain. Staring with one hour before going to sleep and increasing the time with 30 min every day until you can wear them all night, will get you the best results. Also making sure you start with the right splint will guarantee you a gentile healing: So if your bunion condition is a bit more accentuated, always start with the spring splint, to avoid any hard sock or too much pressure. Also make sure you update them every 2 weeks and start again wearing the new plastic splint, only one hour at first and then increasing the time by 30 min. Do the same after you worn the second splint for at least 2 weeks, with the hard metal splint. If your bunion is not in a very difficult condition, you can start with the second, plastic splint. You must be aware that this is not a quick fix solution to fix your bunion and it can take at least one month to see results, that is why you need to be patient and use the splint consistently. But once you gone through the process, trust me, you won`t believe how effective this is. .
One bonus that will support your bunion, day time, are the silicone protectors that we have added in the package which will reduce friction in your shoe when you are wearing them, and make your bunion feels comfortable.

2. How is the splint beneficial? There are different ones, what are the functions of each?
The 3 splints that each package includes are are there to assure an comfortable, gradual and complete process. The splints have different hardness so depending on your bunion stage, you will have to start with the right one and replace them after a while, avoiding this way applying to much pressure at once on your bunion causing additional pain. How do you know what splint to start with and when to replace them? There are three stages that the bunion manifests. Mild stage: when your big toe need few millimetres of correction; medium bunion stage: when your bunion starts causing pain when running or wearing high heels; severe stage: when your toes already stars to have an incorrect position and the pain feels worst.
Going from a mild stage to a severe stage is a lot easier that going from not having bunion to start having symptoms.
If your bunion is already in a severe condition, always start with the soft, spring splint to accommodate your toes with the correction. Start using the splint 30 minute first day and than increase the wearing time by 30 minutes daily till you can wear them all night. Replace the splint with the second plastic, medium hardness after 1-2 weeks of wearing. Start with 30 minutes again and gradually increase the time. Now, after 3 weeks of " preparing " your toes to support more pressure, replace the splint with the hard metal one. You will feel more tension which will already stars to bring your toes back to their natural position. Again, start with only 30 minute at first and increase the time daily. Keep in mind: this is a physical therapy tool so it takes time, patience and consistency to start seeing results. Don`t try to fast the process using the hard strip right away, that will cause pain for your bunions when walking.

3.Returnable if I can’t wear?
You have the right to return the product if it does not fit your feet.

3.Can I wear splint and silicone support together
Typically , the purpose of the silicon support is to protect your bunion when wearing shoes but that does not mean you can't use is under the splint.
If you feel more comfortable doing it, that is perfectly fine. There is not a rule for this because the effect it might be the same. The only difference between having the silicon and not having it is you might feel less pressure, but that can be adjusted with the splints we provide. So if you use the plastic splint without silicone, you might replace it with the hard metal splint, when using the silicone.

5.Can men use this product?

Absolutely, any man can wear this as this is addressing to man and women. 

6.Are there 2 in a pack?
Yes... there is a a pair/set for both feet. The package includes:
- 2 bunion corrector straps
-6 splints ( 2 spring, 2 plastic, 2 aluminium )
-3 different sets of silicone protectors ( day wearing in shoes)
-a compact bag to keep everything together after use 
7.I am a size 12. Will this fit my foot?
Because the brace is elastic and malleable, it will perfectly fit your feet!
8.What are the extra metal and plastic long pieces for?
The package contains 3 different splints that aim adjust the tightness depending on your bunion condition: 1 hard aluminium splint( if your big toe needs very little repair), 1 hard plastic splint( puts a little less pressure than first one if your big toe needs more correction but avoiding the pressure of a first splint which can cause pain ) 1 softer arched metal ( this is the softer one. In case your bunion is in accentuate condition, we recommend starting with this, to avoid any pain after wearing). Also you can mix them between to make them fit your condition the most. You will know which one to start with,once you feel a bit of pressure but in the same time feels comfortable. Overtime you will need to go from softer to hard to make sure you get the best results.

If there is other question you have never hesitate to contact us here.